CCT teaching

Consultant delivered teaching ICM “CCT” teaching sessions now are open to all ICM trainees within the region who feel they are at an appropriate seniority level to benefit (having previously been for advanced year trainees).  Khalid Haiba is co-ordinating the teaching.

Provisional timetable

08/01/2016 Getting a consultant jobTraining skills

19/02/2016 ResearchICM nursing

18/03/2016 Sub specialtiesPhysiotherapy

15/04/2016 Radiology and special investigationsPharmacy

20/05/2016 Sub specialtiesICU auditPost critical care

17/06/2016 Non-AICU specialtiesManaging an ICUMedico-legal and Ethics



16/09/2016 RespiratoryMedico-legal and Ethics

21/10/2016 Good clinical practiceRespiratory

18/11/2016 Managing an ICUICU admissionICU audit

16/12/2016 Getting a consultant jobManagementBeing a consultant

20/01/2017 Getting a consultant jobTraining skillsLooking Ahead



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