FFICM teaching (Stage 1 &2)

Consultant led teaching for all Stage 1 & 2 ICM trainees which runs on the last Wednesday of the month.  These mainly happen in Oxford but occasionally in other hospitals in the deanery.  It is aimed at preparing trainees for the FFICM examination in Stage 2.  Please contact one of the teaching co-ordinators, currently Ben Millette and Ben Griffiths, with any queries.

Development of teaching programme:

Scoping exercise: regional meeting of trainees to discuss approaches to covering FFICM curriculum

24 sessions based on top 30 cases- individual training day based on each of the 24 sessions

Appropriate curriculum points linked in to ensure all are appropriately covered.

All sessions and format subject to cyclical feedback and improvement.


Current format of teaching session:

1-2 Consultant facilitators

Curriculum domains to be covered and recommended reading sent out in advance

Morning session: Trainee presentations (allocated by rolling rota) followed by consultant presentation(s) and journal club presentation

Afternoon session: Viva practice in groups, MCQ practice, Mock OSCE stations relating to relevant practical skills/data interpretation


Examples of other teaching techniques employed:

Turning Point response software and kit- enables real time engagement with lectures to facilitate discussion

Simulation facilities in OXSTAR

ORSIM Bronchoscopy simulator

Access to teaching resources on Dropbox folder

Using a pericardiocentesis simulator:



Green outlier for regional teaching in GMC survey 2016

Trainee feedback: average mark for sessions is consistently above 8/10

Word cloud of written feedback:



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