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Liza Keating the Training Programme Director for Intensive Care Medicine

These pages contain information on how to complete training in Intensive Care Medicine in the Health Education Thames Valley Deanery (formerly known as the Oxford Deanery) including ARCP requirements

Training In Intensive Care Medicine

In January 2011 the GMC recognised Intensive Care Medicine as a stand alone specialty and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) formed. From August 2012 the new ICM training programmes started. Previously training in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) was undertaken alongside a primary specialty of Anaesthesia, Medicine, Emergency Medicine or Surgery – some trainees were appointed to these programmes up until July 2013 and are referred soon this site as the “Old Programme”. All training is competency based as set out by the FICM.

Ian Rechner
Ian Rechner the Regional Advisor for Intensive Care Medicine

Entry to the “New” programme is via competitive interview and requires core training in ACCS [Acute Common Stem] or CAT [Core Anaesthetic Training] or CMT [Core Medical Training]. Examinations required – FFICM Primary or FRCA Primary or MRCP (UK) or MCEM Parts A, B and C.


The training programme is structured as shown below.

Training Stage Training years Description
Stage 1 CT1-2 This is when core competencies are obtained. 1 year of medicine and 1 year of Anaesthesia are also completed.
Stage 2 ST5-6 This is when specialist skills are developed and specialised areas of ICM are covered (cardiac, neuro and paeds)
Stage 3 ST7 This is a finishing year when independent practise is established

This can be completed as a single CCT trainees with a NTN in ICM can apply for another specialty NTN (e.g. renal, anaesthesia, acute medicine, respiratory or Emergency Medicine), which will enable them to achieve a dual CCT in ICM and their other specialty.

If you have further questions please contact Niamh or Ian

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